Monday, 29 August 2011

My Big Day out to Edinburgh

Had a lovely day in Edinburgh on Saturday. I separated from my parents for the first part of the day, so they could do some site seeing, whilst I visited the newly refurbished 'National Museum of Scotland'. It is absolutely massive and so impressive. I totally recommend everyone to visit this museum if heading to Edinburgh for a holiday break. There was just to much to see in one day. The architecture is just breath-taking. I don't know why but it reminded me of the inside of a ship, probably because of all the old railings. There are lots of those lovely old radiators dotted around the place even circulated around poles that keep the structure up (you can see them in the photo below).

The museum has three floors.

Pictured below is a Giant Deer (a real skeleton).

The wildlife section was just amazing. The presentation and positions in which the animals were placed has obviously been well thought through.
Look at that face, so cute.

'AHHHH...The scary Tiger and Kangaroo are trying to get me'.

Look at the size of this dude. Fish really do come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but this one is on a totally different scale.

Another favourite part of the museum for me was the 'Astronomy' section. The instruments on show that scientists used to use were beautiful. There was the most fantastic display of rocks and gems on show too.

The most beautiful typewriter I have ever seen. 

I want this telescope so bad. I have always wanted one since I was a child. 

One of the biggest pieces of Amethyst I have ever seen. It was a stunner.

These typewriters have actually been placed on the wall like this.

I next went to meet up with my mum and dad on the Royal Mile, which was jammed packed full of people. The Fringe festival was on with lots of awesome entertainment going on.

The photo below is of the road leading down to the Grassmarket, where there are vintage, costume, galleries, arts and crafts and old bookshops. They have the best embroidery shop there.

This is one of my favourite bookshops in the Grassmarket. It is very narrow inside, with books stuff'd in all nooks and crannies, piled on top of one another. It feels like that bookshop in the second Harry Potter film. They also sell prints from old books too. They had boxes full of books for a £1 each.

I really feel for the guys who work in this shop, having to listen to Christmas music all year round.

Going down the Royal Mile is this great Antique Map shop. I saw a particular map I wanted, from 1661 showing Redding, its £160, I will get it one day or something similar to it. The Sea charts are wonderful. There was also ordnance survey maps that folded out of proper books, you don't get them anymore.


  1. woa, I love taxidermy. My camera would be full of pictures from there. fascinating!

  2. A gorgeous museum!! I'm blown away by the style of the displays and layouts of really good museums. Some of the great ones blow my mind all the way down to the typeface choice and kerning. The books are great & I feel the same bit of guilt when repurposing a book but since I often buy the old, unwanted, slightly damaged ones that are very cheap or will be recycled anyway, I don't see the harm in giving some of it another, beautiful life. Mention that to the grumpy shop owners next time... or just shoot them a good stink eye. ;-)