Thursday, 10 November 2011

The Matchbox Art Show

I am submitting this matchbox piece to an exhibition based in Brighton, organised by a company called 'Enter The Clutter' . 50 artists will be taking part to show their miniature matchboxes and you can see all of them from the 26th of November, in the 'Polish and Pin' Gallery. I used a vintage map to wrap around the matchboxes and inside the drawers I put in illustrations of a ship in a glass bottle and a compass. I hand-typed the descriptions using my trusty typewriter. I also put some shiny fabric at the bottom of each drawer to soften the appearance of the drawers background. I am very much into all things to do with ships and the instruments and maps used to navigate with, so this very much inspired my ideas and final outcome. 
I am super excited and glad to be part of a wonderful exhibition :D 
To find out more information on the exhibition click here.


  1. they look very beautiful and so precious

  2. I love the little matchbox, how neat is that! Hope it goes down well! I found you via Geninnes art blog comments. I just love the bird books you rescued as well, they are gorgeous. There is a blog called 'the tiny aviary' with some lovely birdy illustrations on!if you like that sort of work? Good luck with the exhibition.

  3. :D Good luck with the exhibition missy! It looks so darn cute x