Monday, 11 June 2012

Finding your way in the 1800's

Last year when I was on a day trip to Edinburgh I bought this stunning Atlas from one of the old book shops around the Grass market area. It is a very small book dated 1887 (125 years old) and did cost me quite a bit of money, but its worth every penny. It has that heavy musky smell and the front cover is coming away but that is easily fixed. The binder from what I can see would have been very decorative, but it is now faint because all the gold lettering has gone, even the gold edges on the pages have faded in some areas. 

This is quite an image heavy post, but I think this atlas deserves showing off. The pages are decorative, beautifully coloured and I just love the old fashioned fonts used. In particular the way the maps fold out attracted me to buy it. I can spend hours admiring and finding places I have never heard of.


  1. That is so beautiful. What a find!
    I especially love that there is an astronomy map as well.

  2. I aways believe if you feel so strongly about something it is worth every penny! I bet it's great to just flick through and admire the beautiful colours for instance on a rainy day. Sweet post

  3. Wow this is absolutely beautiful! Your blog posts are always so unique and interesting :) x