Sunday, 10 June 2012

Through the key hole

Whilst on a little coffee outing with my mum the other day to Jesmond I saw from the corner of my eye this lovely little corner window. The window looks so old with the peeling off the paint work, I wonder what its use was back in the day. Jesmond is full of terrace houses mainly lived in by students. I have a feeling this corner house is privately owned just by the beautiful clematis flowers overlapping the top of the wall. I love the glossy black door and old bricks. You can probably see the side which has newer looking bricks and they are quite a contrast when you look at them for a while, mixing the old with the new. I do wonder what it is like behind that little window, perhaps a secret garden, who knows. I shall let my imagination run a bit wild on this one.


  1. Amazing photo, I love discovering little bits and pieces that catch my eye!