Monday, 17 September 2012

Scotland Part 1

Here are some snap shots from my holiday to the Scottish Borders. My family and I stay'd near Kelso on this farm in a massive cottage. It was very lovely indeed. It had this long winding drive up to the cottage with some beautifully kept bushes. The farm itself is totally surrounded by trees and the wind blowing through the leafs sounded like the ocean. The farm even had a couple of horses and the stable was behind my room.

I really wanted to take that cushion and rug home. The Stove was so cosy when on in the evenings as the weather did turn a little cold.

We had a lovely cup of tea in this garden which is part of the cottage. There were so many mole hills though and even some pheasants came in the garden.

Yeap those are Hunter Wellington boots being used as flower pots, hehe.

This was the bedroom I stay'd in. The fireplace was so so lovely and I even used the top of it to place all my jewellery on, I love handy little places like that.

More photos to follow soon in part 2 :)


  1. OO Anna that looks like such a perfect place to stay! I hope you had a lovely time, and I can't wait to see part two! xx

  2. Thanks for sharing the pictures of such a beautiful place. It looks so calm and relaxing. Wow, you travel with a lot of jewelry! :) And I love the flowers growing out of the boots. I'm sure you had a wonderful time. xo

    1. Yes I had lovely time thank you :) It wouldn't be me if didn't take half my jewellery with me, hehe

  3. Looks gorgeous Anna! Glad you had a nice time :) look forward to part 2! X

  4. Your comment made me smile :) I know right, I don't understand the whole picture taking thing either - it's on display, why not take a picture of it? She seemed as if I shouldn't take photographs as I wasn't going to buy it -_-

    This cottage looks immense. I'm a right country girl, I'd love to love there one day! That fireplace is stunning too, would enjoy a bedroom like that very much indeed!

  5. So beautiful! Lovely toasty fires are my favourite! It looks amazing!! x