Saturday, 6 October 2012

Bolam Lake

This place really is a thing of beauty and also one of the best kept secrets in Northumberland. I don't know why it has taken my family and I years to visit, as we have never been before. Bolam Lake is now one of my favourite places in England. Even though it was cold the sun came out and greeted us; dancing on the water surface. I actually think it should be called Swan Lake as there was about 3 couples. There were also many Canada Geese, they were very happy to hang out with the Swans. 

I was only expecting to walk around the lake edge, but a lot of it was woodland, with lots of deep verges that had streams running through them. I think a lot of streams were man made for drainage purposes. It was quite muddy, but not water logged thankfully. I could quite happily live here in a tiny log cabin with nature right at my finger tips. 

If you guys ever get to visit this beautiful place you must go to the cafe which is situated in the woods next to the lake. The tea and toast was to die for and was just what I needed this morning to get me going for a nice stroll.


  1. I used to go to Bolam Lake a lot when I was growing up, it's so lovely to see it again! :)

  2. Wow, beautiful photos! I love peaceful quiet lakes where you don't find so many people.

    Jesss xo

  3. Looks gorgeous and wonderful photos too! Adding it to the list of places to visit :) xxx

  4. swoon. one of my favorite posts of yours.

  5. These pictures are so relaxing and beautiful, love them <3
    Xxx darlin