Monday, 15 October 2012

Keep Calm and Carry On

1. Mixed crockery and lace cloths at my local tearoom / 2. The most expensive houses in Newcastle at around £1,000,000 / 3. Stained Glass / 4. Gothic / 5. Monument / 6. German Market / 7. Bazaar Steam Boats / 7. A lorry behind a market stall where inside you can see two stoves, clothes and crockery deep within / 8. Lighthouse, boat and sink / 9. Paisley Cloth / 10. Yummy Fudge

Yesterday for me was a very bad day. Too many rubbish things happening at the same time. I lost a bracelet prior to going to a tearoom for breakfast. My mum took me back to retrace all my steps and I just had this feeling that it came off in the car park. Some lovely person very kindly placed it onto the side of a car, it caught my eye as it was shiny. It must have dropped onto the ground originally as the metal has slightly damaged. It really is now my lucky bracelet. I thought going to town would be fine but I just got depressed by how expensive things were, I know I am just being silly. Then some horrid teenage kid try'd to take off one of the studs off the back of my shirt and at the same time grabbed my skin which hurt. I hadn't realised till I got home that a bruise had formed on my back. I just hate when little sods do that. It made me so mad, I don't like being man handled or touched by complete strangers. Some other things happened yesterday which aren't worth mentioning but seriously it was one thing after another. After the episode with the nasty kid I went to take some photos and boy did it help calm me down. Even now as I listen to some classical music I just feel all relaxed and calm and it really does take all your worries away.


  1. ugh how awful, hope you have a better day today :) love the photos x

  2. Great selection of photographs here - the tea/lace photograph is playing with my eyes, it looks great!

    Ah those days are pretty rough aren't they? When things just keep happening after each other. Lucky about your bracelet though, that was a good call to trace your steps back. With my pessimistic views I wouldn't have gone back and would have remained upset for the rest of the day I imagine, just shows it's best to and I shall in the future!

    Try and brush off those kids too. The more you keep thinking about them the more they get the better of you which isn't good. Just think it was just a bad day and not a bad week :)

  3. awful kids, i hope you feel better soon <3
    the photos are amazing as alway :)