Friday, 19 October 2012

The Beauty of Newcastle

1. The doors of the Lit and Phil Library / 2. Up and Down / 3. Windows to the sky
4. The winding staircase / 5. Books / 6. Stairwell leading up to the main library floor
7. Sun beamed / 8. This building opposite the Lit and Phil library was decorated in images of the Sun
9. Grey Street / 10. The Theatre Royal / 11. Central Arcade / 12. Claremont Building 
13. St. Nicholas Church / 14. A cloudy evening sky

I had quite a few things to do in town today such as handing in CV's which took a lot of confidence to do as I have not done it in so long. People today were very unapproachable, they were either talking amongst themselves or just giving me funny looks, must be because I am so beautiful...not, hehe. I think people in the North East don't like my accent or maybe the way I dress or how I do my makeup....who knows. I wish people would be more welcoming and interested. Sorry, this blog post is turning into a bit of doom and gloom. We all have our down or should I say odd days.

Onto the subject of the photos. I also made a trip to the Literacy and Philosophical Library to enquire about volunteer work. I would love to just be in there all day organising and shelving the books. I hadn't been in there for a year and I still got the wow factor when I walked in. I still can't believe this library exists in Newcastle. The ceiling windows and layer upon upon layer of books is simply breath-taking. You'll notice the winding staircase, well you can't go up there to look at the books unless you pay to be a member. There are also old atlases and maps down, deep within the library that can't be looked at either unless one is a member, I feel so deprived. You can however look at all the books on the ground floor, but you can't take them out. 

Well I shall leave it there for the moment and I hope you guys enjoy'd looking through my photos. The last one in particular ended my day on all time high.


  1. Gorgeous photos! I'm sure people are just intimidated by how amazing you are :)

    Pip x

  2. These are incredible photos, especially the ones of the library! Hope you're feeling a bit happier now :) x

  3. what a gorgeous library!!! as a Canadian, I am always jealous of Europe and other parts of the world that are steeped in years of culture, architecture and history. Canada is so young, it would be rare to find antique oil portraits, marble busts, swirling metal staircases and a plethora of volumes published ages ago; you are lucky to have these beautiful things at your fingertips. great photos anna, thanks for sharing.

  4. Lovely photos! The one in the library with spiral staircase is my favourite :) Gemma x