Monday, 10 December 2012

Barter Books in December

Even though the weather wasn't great today my aunt took me to Barter Books and then onto Morpeth. I didn't buy any books but I made notes and took photos of the ones I really liked. I mean come on who could resist those front covers and binders, they are beautiful. They were all over 100 years old and the most expensive was about £46. 

We sat next to a lovely fireplace in some high back benches which looked like they had been upholstered with old tribal rugs. I also had a nice slice of carrot cake which was so yummy. It was cosy just sitting down and looking through all the books. The room we were eating in had a lovely display of mirrors and I think you can guess it is called 'The Red Room' by the colour of the walls.

It was nice just to potter about and take photos (without getting caught, hehe). I loved all of the decorations around the building, especially the ones on the fireplace hearths and main chandelier. You will also have noticed the photo of the 'Keep Calm Carry On' poster, well this is the original one all framed and looking splendid. I actually prefer the creased looked on it and the softer red, I think they should make posters from the real thing not these computer mock ups that are in all the shops at the moment.

Well this was a good start to the week. I have stamps, illustrations, a commission and hopefully more doodles to show in the coming week.


  1. Gawwwwd, Anna I'm so envious that you have this little gem near you. When my boyfriend eventually gets a car, I'm getting him to drive me up north so I can fill his boot with books!