Sunday, 16 December 2012

Durham Episode 1

Yesterday I went to Durham with my family and as normal when we go it rains or it is just plain miserable. Durham do you ever get sunny days at all? I didn't buy anything, instead I just enjoy'd wandering around looking as if I was in another world. I tend to do stupid childish things like trying to stay balanced on the edge of a pathway whilst walking (which I did today). I know people probably stare at me and think what the hell is she doing, but I am a big kid at heart.

Well as you can guess the first half of these blog posts are based mainly on the various different types of architecture around Durham. As one walks up to Durham Cathedral you almost feel like you on a Harry Potter, Diagon Alley set hence all the wonky windows and doors. Did they build them on purpose like this? well Durham is very hilly. I have always been fascinated by windows, glass, doors and brickwork. I would love to buy one of the shops in the photo (directly above), but I need to have a win on the lottery first, yeah right, ha. There was so much to take in photography wise and I took loads of pictures, but I don't want to bore you guys with too many windows and doors, etc.

When I went into Durham Cathedral I hadn't noticed the sign saying 'Please do not take photographs'. The reason was; was because I was looking up at the amazing ceiling when I walked in. Well anyhooo I got told off for taking a photograph. I don't get why because I would never use a flash in such a place and its not like I am being disrespectful. I just love the inside of Durham Cathedral and for someone to deny me of taking photographs really gets on my nerves. The only things I could photograph was obviously the outside and the Cloisters. I think the cathedral should look into maybe charging people to take photos as I have done this in Canterbury Cathedral before and it only cost me like £2. They have the biggest and most fabuolous wooden doorway and pillars that I wanted to show you guys (for who have not been). Well maybe I should write to them and make my suggestion as mentioned before.

Oh and by the way if you didn't know already the inside of the cathedral was used to film 'Elizabeth' and the cloisters (photographed above) was for many years used in the Harry Potter films. I can just imagine Snape from the first film walking away from the audience with his cloak floating behind him. One of my favourite scenes was also when Harry was walking with Hedwig in the snow and then took flight in the middle of the cloisters. Oh man, I should have listened to the music whilst I was walking around for dramatic emphasis. Maybe next time, hehe.

Woah how much useless dribble have I made you guys go through. Well I hope you haven't fallen asleep as part 2 is on it's swift way. Smell ya laters :P


  1. lovely photos :) i like exploring places like this! its funny because i live near Lacock abbey where they also have cloisters which were used in Harry potter, I googled pictures and both locations look almost identical!

    josie x

    1. I think they used two cloisters as there were two different ones in the movies, one is slightly smaller I think. They also filmed at the back of Durham Cathedral for Professor McGonagall's teaching classroom.

  2. You take really beautiful pictures, for this reason I'm totally following you now! :) That's really crazy that they don't let you take pictures, you should definitely get in touch with your suggestion. Wow "Elizabeth" and the "Harry Potter" movies? That's pretty amazing. Hopefully you'll get to take some lovely pictures of the inside soon.

  3. The photos are brilliant! Reminds me a bit of york too :) x