Saturday, 5 January 2013


Hello me dears.  Are any of you guys still recovering from New Year and Christmas? 
This is my first blog post of the year; I went for a trip to Corbridge yesterday and it was really lovely. If I had a lot of money this would be one of the places I would live as I love the all of the old buildings and landscape . Just to warn you this is an image heavy post.

I have always been fascinated by this cottage, its so quaint and the garden is pretty.

People still have their wreaths up. Isn't this one pretty!

The best kitchen shop in the entire world. I love how low the ceilings are as it makes it feel so cosy and I just love the old worldy presentation.

We had tea, teacakes and scones in one of my favourite coffee shops called 'The Watling Coffee Shop'. I love the pretty chandeliers, chalkboards, cake stands and windows. The tea they serve is called Suki, its not your normal tea and is I would say a required taste. It was so funny yesterday their lights kept tripping and the windows were all steamy.

The shop featured below is one I have visited for years and absolutely adore . 'RE' is all about recycling, reinvention and restoration. If I was very well off I would buy most of my home ware from here . Just walking around this shop is an experience and the atmosphere is perfect. A lovely lady who served me said they are going to refurbish soon and are going to have a massive sale on all decorative items (except on furniture and glassware). I actually like the shop the way it is and I don't want them to change it, but it has been like this for about 10 years and maybe they want a change . But seriously as it is I think it is beautiful and such a treasure trove . 

I bought an awesome chicken wire rusty cross decoration, reduced from £5 to £2, such a bargain. I might decorate it a bit with jewels or beads, but I'm not sure yet. I wish I had bought their mirrored cross and mirrored star decorations especially as they were only £2.50 each in the sale. Here they are if you wanna get some yourself. They have all their stock online which is a bonus if you don't live nearby to visit their shop.


  1. Such lovely buildings! And the coffee shop and RE look amazing too!

  2. Such lovely photo's Anna& the RE shop looks amazing. xx

  3. very lovely photos! I like the filter you use! <3

  4. wow, the photos are perfect! & I love the editing ,looks really vintage and that´s amazing :)