Monday, 20 May 2013

York and Betty

Last Saturday my family and I went to York and it was such a wonderful day, full of endless laughter. We mainly just walked around and went to a couple of tearooms as one does on a day out. One of the tearooms we went too had the most amazing collection of teapots, cups and saucers to buy, I just had to take a photo of the amazing celestial style ones.

Of course a day in York would not be complete without a visit to Betty's Tea room. As always everything was beautifully presented and tasted so good, I had a lovely cup of tea and a teacake . My sister had the most beautiful vanilla custard slice , it really is the best I have ever tasted . Normally the service is fantastic in Betty's and whilst everything tasted so good , it was annoying that we were given our drinks too soon cause by the time our cakes came our hot drinks had vanished . We were not amused . When we finished our afternoon tea we headed down to the shop to buy some goodies. My sister treated my mum and I to this beautiful tea caddie designed by illustrator Emily Sutton. My dad treated us to a little cake. My aunt bought me some of their famous Hot Chocolate because it is the best in the whole world, I won't even tell you how much it cost.

I actually planned to visit a couple of specific shops in the Shambles, I wanted to find this stamp collecting shop and it was brilliant. I could have spent all day in there and I managed to pick up some beautifully illustrated postage stamps. I also went to this pretty arts and craft shop which sells manilla tags with stamps on. They only cost me 40p each . My mum found this lovely shop again in the Shambles and it must be new cause I have never seen it before . They sold both crafts, textiles and antiques. My mum very kindly bought me this beautiful and unique vintage Coty perfume box, circa. 1940. Even though the bottle is not there you can still smell the perfume . I think it is such a rare find and I will treasure it.


  1. loving the photos of the sweets , tea , stamps , very interesting and fun !

  2. Those macaroons look amazing! All of those stamps are to die for.

  3. OMG Beautiful post!! Can't take my eyes off these amazing pics of York and those lovely stamps!! I'm drooling over that tea room and its treasures! Thanks for sharing!

  4. wow, york looks so beautiful and the things you found are so lovely - the stamps are my fave! x