Monday, 3 June 2013

Newcastle Quayside

 I have had such a lovely day . I went to Newcastle Quayside Market and the Baltic gallery with my aunt . God we did so much walking and the weather was just perfect . I have been wanting to visit this market for a while and though I picked up some sweet goodies I was overall not impressed with what was on offer . You guys wouldn't believe how many tacky jewellery and household goods stalls there were, it really makes me sad that its not full of amazing food and hand made items . 

However there were a couple of stalls I really liked, I just wish there was more of them . The Agate slices were £1 each from this stall called 'Rob's Rock Candles & Fossils' and the Cherry Quartz tumble stone was £1 from another stall ( I can't remember the name). There was the most fantastic range of hand made leather goods sold by a guy called David Nash . He was such a nice man and had my aunt and I in stitches . I bought one of his tiny ring purses for £2, but there was so much more I wanted and I loved the funny names of the products . His sign made me chuckle and I loved the John Lennon look alike photo of himself . My mouth dropped when I saw this stall full of the most beautiful hand made mirrors, I just wish I could had afforded one of them as they were hundreds of pounds . My favourite was the star of David one . I liked that some of them had broken bits of plates, spoons, trinket boxes and cups thrown in the mix . 

We walked over the Millennium Bridge to have lunch at the Baltic, the food was amazing . If you have not heard of the Baltic before, it is a contemporary art gallery . They always hold the most bizarre and weird pieces of art work and I normally dislike and don't get what the pieces are about . The exhibition they had on the top floor was really good as you could be interactive with it . My aunt had been previously and knew what to expect . She told me to open this door and when I did this big gush of wind hit me in the face and totally ruined my hair, but it was funny . There was also this big white cloud formation in the middle of the room with thousands of lines of fishing wire and where ever you walked you felt like it was moving like rain . There were even crystals on the bottom to represent the rain dancing on the ground .


  1. Ooh love the agate slices, I would have bought loads! The only markets I've been to are really tacky, nothing beautifully handmade or anything like the agate stall.
    I haven't heard of the Baltic before but the cloud thing sounds really cool, and those mosaics are amazing!

  2. I'd love to make brooches out of those slices! OMG I'm also in love with the purses. I need to go to Newcastle!!

  3. Lovely photography, fantastic blog. Such a great price for those agate slices!

    Love Jessica x