Monday, 22 February 2016

Beauty in the neglected

You may have seen my blog post from a few weeks ago when I went to Belsay Hall to see the Jane Austen costume exhibition. I also went around the empty rooms in the hall. I always find beauty in such places like this, I love things like the torn wallpaper and chipped paint work on the sash windows. I really don't know how a place can get in such a state of ruin, but I love it despite that fact even if many people do not see it that way. 


  1. I love your viewpoint on these things, I'm a fan of this look too, it's so magiacalxx

  2. Totally agree with you. This is what I love the most when I take photos : the remains of a forgotten past!
    The title of this post is very clever, beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing Anna!

  3. Wow I love houses like this! They'd be perfect as a shooting location, I can just imagine ladies in long lace gowns drifting in and out of these rooms, so beautiful!