Monday, 7 October 2013


I've been away the last week in the Scottish Borders staying in a cosy cottage on the edge of a forest near Peebles with family and friends. We explored the various villages and towns around the area like Melrose, St. Boswells and Innerleithen. Innerleithen has the most interesting antique and thrift stores, including the most amazing second hand book shop, where I bought many old books. The photos above are of the cottage and forest walk behind it, Abbotsford House and Melrose Orchard garden. Of course we went to many other sites like Dryburgh Abbey (which is beautiful by the way) and a weaving mill, but I didn't want to bore you all with the hundreds of photos I took. Its so hard to be selective when you have taken like over 300 photos. We ventured into Edinburgh but I didn't take any photos cause to be honest I just wanted to have a break from the camera and enjoy the atmosphere. You don't really notice at the time but one can miss a lot when their eye is stuck to the camera.

I will do a few other blog posts about some of the things I bought on my travels, sketches/paintings and other things I photographed that I thought were interesting. I seemed to take many photos of windows, would you guys be interested in seeing those? If you don't follow me on instagram then you have been missing all the other photos I have been uploading over the past week. Take a look here on my Instagram page.


  1. Ohh I want to be transported there right now!

    Rosie x

  2. Wow, Scotland looks truly mesmerizing.