Sunday, 20 April 2014

Fairy gardens and old books

I had such a lovely day yesterday at Howick Hall and Barter Books. I ventured off on my own and took more pictures of trees and little streams, I even found a fairy cave amongst some over grown moss. In fact the moss was so soft to the touch that you could literally take a nap on it. Whilst looking in Barter books and seeing all these books I wish I could buy I thought I would take some sneaky photos. I even saw a first edition Narnia book, which I thought I had taken a photo of but alas I could not find it on my iPad. The highly decorative William morris book really captured my attention, but then my heart sank when I saw the price £1400, but maybe that is a great price seeing as there were only 350 of them made.   


  1. Magical pictures! I love the dreamy, atmospheric look you always seem to get on your pictures of woodlands.

  2. I love both of those places! Howick Hall must be spectacular in the autumn.

  3. The photos are sooo lovely. The gardens are really beautiful and all those books.. #inlove ♥