Monday, 14 July 2014

A place I grew up in

When I went to Canterbury last month with my family we stopped off at St. Albans which is where I grew up. Its changed in many ways but my love will always be with the Abbey and Verulamium Park. I used to go to services at St. Albans Abbey every other Sunday with the Brownies and Girl Guides. Even when I was at primary school which was only down the road, we used to go to service there very Thursday. I'm not religious anymore but I miss all the great stories that were told to us. The Abbey has never changed and its always going to be one of my favourite places to visit. I do miss St. Albans in many ways but I feel firmly rooted in the North. Its weird when you have those feelings of wishing you can go back but then somehow you can be disappointed by changes. Change unfortunately does happen.

The picture above shows the back chapel where I used to go every Thursday with my classmates. 


  1. The cathedral is beautiful! I especially like the brown and cream tiles.

  2. OMG I have to go to England! Everything is so beautiful *-*